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General Safety Test

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.


It is ok to cut or drill into the table top.


When finished using a tool, return it to the tool cabinet.


Students must pass all tool and machine tests with 100% accuracy before they are allowed to use them.


Report any incident to the Technology Teacher.


Follow all directions the first time they are given


It is not necessary to wear eye protection while working in the lab.


Hair that presents a safety hazard must be tied back.


Respect all tools and machines.


Tools should be placed in the center of the workbench with the teeth pointed into the center of the bench to avoid accidents.


Shoes must have a covered heel and toe to prevent injury from a falling object.


Eye protection should be worn only by students.


Remove all jewelry and loose clothing as it increases the odds of being injured while working in the lab.


Students will only be able to use tools and machines while any Teacher is in the Lab.


Keep the floor and working surfaces clean and dry most of the time.


When someone is using a tool it is essential to start a conversation with them.


Before using a hand tool make sure everyone is clear as some hand tools require space for operation.


Running and playing is allowed in the Technology Lab


When in doubt, try it and see what happens.


Carrying tools in your pocket is a good way to multitask.


Holding material in your hand while cutting, drilling, or shaping is the safest way to secure your project.

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